Case Study: 1110% ROI & Record Online Sales

Methods Used




Project Details

In this project, the client is a national distributor of foreign material to service companies across the US. The efforts were focused around SEO and CRO to drive business for a new product line. The result was record online sales and a sizable return on investment (that continues to improve even as you read this).

SEO — The project was primarily focused in on-site optimization and industry-specific link building. The combination of growing domain/page authority and a website that targeted high volume keyword terms resulted in record visibility and online sales in 5 months.

CRO — Conversion rate optimization was used to drive more leads through the phone number featured across the site. CTAs were tested, compared, and chosen based on the resulting data. Phone leads saw a significant increase as a result.

Content — The content of this site was built in order to capture head and long-tail terms, mostly around questions that customers frequently ask. Building blog posts with guides and answers drove new traffic via multiple channels and assisted in the organic growth noted above.

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